Beach holidays, Paris Hilton Mesra With Mysterious Men

During this time Paris Hilton’s love life it is quite confusing. Artists as well socialite 35 years, including a fast break or get a new partner, which of course makes the fans confused.

As some time ago, where Paris claimed to enjoy the solitude, as reported by the Daily Mail. Now, the singer Blind of Stars was even caught on camera-dovey intimate with a man who is still unnamed.

The scenery looks when both are on vacation at the beach which is located in Tulum, Mexico on Tuesday (10/1) yesterday. From the photos successfully immortalized by paparazzi, Paris is seen lying on the sand. While men were with him hugging him from the front with the head on the neck of Paris.

The scenery is not the only photograph showing intimacy between them. Paparazzi also briefly capture the moment when Paris embraced ‘the new man’ during a walk along the beach.
Paris Hilton dipeluk 'acar barunya' © via

At that time Paris looks beautiful in a dress colorful beach with a unique pattern. While men are most likely was his new girlfriend was wearing only black jeans. But he also brought a cloth to cover his body.

When spending time together, both look very happy. Laughter and jokes are also visible on other photos that make them really look like a pair of lovers. But unfortunately, until now there has been no confirmation from Paris. We wait deh how it goes!