Rumor Transfer Neymar Make Liverpool Manager Terperangah

Reaksi Pelatih Liverpool, Juergen Klopp, jelang laga Premier League melawan Arsenal di Stadion Anfield pada 31 Januari 2017.

Rumor Transfer Neymar Make Liverpool Manager Terperangah

Liverpool manager, Juergen Klopp, assess the rumors of the move of Barcelona star, Neymar, to Paris Saint-Germain with a value of 222 million euros is difficult to accept common sense. He considered that the equivalent of Rp 3.4 trillion was unreasonable.

“If the rumor about Neymar is a reality, it is really difficult to digest.The transfer value is no longer from planet Earth,” said Klopp.

The German coach did not believe that Neymar will leave from the Camp Nou and docked to PSG.

“Moving for 222 million euros? Sunguh? I do not believe it can happen, but if it’s true Neymar to move, it will change everything,” Klopp said again.

Rumors about the move Neymar is still the main topic of transfer market summer 2017. The reason, Paris Saint-Germain courage to pay off the release clause Neymar who stepped on more than 200 million euros.

Moreover, Neymar reportedly did not hesitate to go from Barcelona for seeking a new challenge after four years at the Blaugrana.

If the Brazilian is moved, he will automatically become the world’s most expensive player and break Paul Pogba’s record when moving to Manchester United. Pogba moved to Man United in 2016 “only” with 105 million euros.

Will Sell Two Players, Real Madrid Will Be 100 Million Euro

Will Sell Two Players, Real Madrid Will Be 100 Million Euro

Real Madrid set a minimum of 70 million euros for Alvaro Morata, according to a recent report from media in London.

They will also get 30 million euros from the sale of Danilo, a Brazilian wing defender who is interested in Antonio Conte.

Morata, 24, failed to move to Manchester United because the buyers prefer to buy Romelu Lukaku.

To make matters worse, Chelsea also appears to have retreated in the hunt for Morata, who scored 28 goals in two seasons at Juventus and became a key figure in the Bianconeri’s Champions League 2014-2015 edition.

Danilo is also in demand for Juventus, as he lost out to compete with Dani Carvajal in the race for a place at the Bernabeu right-back post.

As a right-back who has a good attacking instinct, Danilo is interested in many clubs and also Morata is still in demand Milan.

The Spaniard has already approved the Rossoneri’s salary, but that was before Manchester United got into the player’s hunt.

Barcelona Optimistic Neymar Will Stay At Camp Nou

Lionel Messi, Neymar, dan Andre Gomes merayakan gol Barcelona ke gawang Alaves pada laga final Copa del Rey di Stadion Vicente Calderon, Sabtu (27/5/2017).

Barcelona Optimistic Neymar Will Stay At Camp Nou

One of the stars of FC Barcelona, ​​Neymar Jr., reportedly began to feel at home playing in the Spanish League club and want to leave Agen Judi Online.

However, Blaugrana’s Sports Director, Robert Fernandez, held back that intention.

Spanish sports website, Sport, reported that Neymar was thinking to leave from the Catalan origin club.

After almost five years in Barcelona, ​​the Brazilian striker began to feel uncomfortable.

What’s more, the people close to him advised not to linger in Camp Nou.

The reason, if continue to survive in Barcelona, ​​he will be the shadow of Lionel Messi.

Robert Fernandez is optimistic Neymar will survive. Moreover, no club can afford the transfer fee of the captain of the Brazilian national team.

“Barcelona will not lose Neymar, he will not go because there will be no club to pay his transfer fee,” Fernandez said.

Contract Neymar in Barcelona will still apply until June 2021. Based on Transfermarkt site, the market value of players born 25 years ago reached 100 million euros.

In Barcelona, ​​Neymar was not short of trophies. He won two Spanish League titles, three Copa del Rey, one Spanish Super Cup, one Champions League, and a Club World Cup.

Neymar about Competition So Top Scorer Barca with Messi

Neymar soal Persaingan Jadi Top Skorer Barca dengan Messi

Neymar about Competition So Top Scorer Barca with Messi

Neymar talks about his relationship with Lionel Messi in Barcelona. Neymar denied any competition over who made more goals.

Neymar and Messi are still a mainstay in Barca front line. Together with Luis Suarez, they form a deadly trident that is often called Trio MSN.

Last season, Messi became Barca’s top scorer with a total of 54 goals in all competitions. Suarez followed with 37 goals while Neymar made 20 goals.

For Neymar, it does not matter who scored more goals between himself and Messi. More important is Barca’s victory.

“I do not care who scores goals as long as we win together, it’s a team sport and when Leo makes a goal, I’m happy,” said Neymar as reported by Sport.

“As well as being a team mate, we are friends on the field and off the pitch and the important thing is he is happy and if we win, everyone is happy, that is our target,” he said.

Madrid: United’s bid is too cheap for Morata

Madrid: United’s bid is too cheap for Morata
Spanish giants Real Madrid still seem to want not to sell Alvaro Morata until someone dares to offer an offer of £ 79 million.

Some time ago the British giant, Manchester United, has offered an offer of approximately 65 million pounds.

But unfortunately the Los Blancos consider the offer given by The Red Devil is still too cheap for the quality of the player owned the Spanish origin.

Madrid’s side said: “We will likely keep Morata, until United dare to offer 79 million Pounds Sterling.”

“United currently still offer 65 million Pounds Sterling. All the public knows how the quality of Morata. ”

“For us United’s offer is still too cheap. If United dare to offer 79 million Pounds Sterling, then we will likely release it. “

Zidane mengungkapkan apa yang ia berbisik kepada Bale sebelum gol comeback

Bos Real Madrid Zinedine Zidane mengatakan ia hanya mengatakan kepada Gareth Bale untuk menikmati sendiri sambil berbisik di telinga pemain sayap menjelang comeback mencetak gol melawan Espanyol.

Setelah tiga bulan karena cedera pergelangan kaki, Bale diberi terakhir 19 menit sebagai pengganti di Santiago Bernabeu, Sabtu.

Zidane terlihat berbisik ke Wales internasional saat dia berdiri di touchline mempersiapkan untuk menggantikan Alvaro Morata, yang menuju gol pertama Madrid dari Isco silang sebelumnya dalam kemenangan 2-0 LaLiga.

Dengan 83 menit pada jam, Bale merayakan kembalinya gaya, dingin mengkonversi membantu lain dari Isco untuk topi serangan balik cepat Madrid.

“Semua saya mengatakan kepadanya sebelum substitusi itu untuk pergi keluar dan menikmati dirinya sendiri,” kata Zidane wartawan.

“Gareth adalah Gareth. Dia adalah pemain spesial, berbeda dengan yang lain.

“Saya senang tentang kepulangannya dan, di atas semua, senang baginya untuk merasa seperti seorang pemain sepak bola lagi setelah menghabiskan tiga bulan jauh dari lapangan.

“Dia sangat bahagia dan benar-benar bersemangat untuk kembali. Kami semua senang dia kembali dan dia telah kembali dalam cara yang terbaik.”